Sunday, September 26, 2010

The other day I was meandering about on my way to catch a bus when I happened upon some sort of parade of tractors. As odd as this was there were also people cheering whenever a tractor passed. I am afraid I don't get it. Tractors? Really? Is there something exciting about tractors that I am missing? I can see enjoy your tractor because it provides a use or even some tractor you might buy, but tractors in general?
Then I realized that these tractorophiles probably have a more fulfilled life then me. So content in their little hobby of farm equipment enthusiasm. More people should enjoy mundane objects. I mean look at this broom in my corner. I just use it to sweep up dirt on the floor. My relationship with it is one of utility. It serves its purpose and nothing more.
I've never examined it the same way I might examine something like a book, video game or other hobbies I enjoy. Its long gray shaft ending in a plume of tethered straw slowly pushing the dirt about, transforming my room from a state of disorder to something more livable, free of from the horrors of a dirty floor. Perhaps the next time I go out I will check out the nearest broom shop.

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